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Fitness Bullies

Fitness Bullies By the looks of my Facebook timeline, there seems to be a growing number of women that are becoming passionate about lifting weights. They are taking the time to learn how to properly execute the squat, deadlift,…

Dear diary inspiration

Dear self, you look damn good today.

“By our thoughts we forge the weapons by which we can destroy ourselves.”  – As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen I started to draft this post and realized something: I’ve made a lot of confessions to you lately!…

competing inspiration

Competing: the good, bad & ugly

Hey there! I’m going to take a time-out from my typical writing to share with you the story of my beautiful friend Stephanie Beck, aka, StephBecky. A little background: I met Miss StephBecky when I was teaching classes and…

inspiration progress training videos

When is it ever enough?

I have an embarrassing confession to make but let me preface this story by saying I am not proud of myself. Simply put, I lost my mind last week.   A cataclysmic meltdown, if you will, over something as silly…

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