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Embrace YES: the Importance of New Experiences

“No.” It was the first word out of my mouth as a wee babe. Not mama, not dadda, but “no”, and according to my parents, it was a vehement, rather fervent style of no. When I said it, which…

Fat Loss

Move Your Body: Why You Need Non-Exercise Movement

We’ve all read those magazine articles that say things like, “Take the stairs. Park further away. Take breaks from your desk and walk around the office.” We giggle and roll our eyes because, Hi. We deadlift. At the gym. …

Fat Loss

Future You: Post-Holidays

Future You: Post-Holidays With the holidays just around the corner, we are in that ten week window where festivities abound, starting with copious amounts of left-over Halloween candy and then letting it rip right up until we are nursing…

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