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What Is Your One Word Credo?

What is Your One Word Credo?  

Last year started off with a bang. A very busy bang. I made the naive assumption that the busier I made myself, the more successful I would be
::buzzer noise:: 
I was zipping from one project to the next like a fruit fly with A.D.D. and I was perma-stressed. In the summer of 2012, when my doctors told me that my adrenals were suppressed and my thyroid was royally jacked (which I’m certain is the medically correct term, but more on that in the next post), I finally had an epiphany…
It was time for me to slow my roll. 
In attempt to regain control, I started to clear the clutter. There were projects and all sorts of time consuming kibbles and bits that weren’t fruitful; as a matter of fact, they were scarfing my precious energy and offered a less-than-impressive R.O.I.  I began with some introspection as I asked myself what items were constantly clogging up my To Do List, yet left me feeling exhausted and disappointed even after I had marked them off. Those items all got the ax. This included, but wasn’t limited to, business ventures, books I was trying to force myself to read because I felt like I “should”, foods I was constantly making myself refrain from (I mean really – a bit of dark chocolate once in awhile never killed anybody), and the ongoing dread of cleaning our house (why didn’t we just hire housekeepers years ago? It’s heaven!). 
In light of me cutting out so much unnecessary noise, this has freed up plenty of juicy space in my noggin to brew up new goals, both personal and professional. Like my friend Steph Becky, I know that I want to do less and be more
All of these thoughts culminated when my lovely fitness friend Jill Coleman posed the question on Instagram, “What is your personal hashtag for 2013?” 
In other words, what is your one word credo for the new year? A simple and concise manifesto. A single snippet that you can whisper to yourself that immediately puts everything into perspective and reminds you of what you stand for and what you want to accomplish. Even anti-New Years Resolutionists can get on board with this. What is your word? 
It slapped me across the face as we were driving across the country last weekend. 
That is my word for 2013.
This is the year of simplicity for me, however the things I do participate in, I plan on knocking them right out of the park. No more piddly shit that unnecessarily clogs up my brain and certainly, without exception, no more busy work. I’m not saying yes to things just for the sake of saying yes. I will unapologetically say no to whatever my heart desires this year in attempt to give myself wholeheartedly to my most important tasks. I will outsource anything that simply isn’t my gig, rather than wasting time forcing myself to learn something that I don’t care to master. 
Multi-tasking and being super busy doesn’t mean you are super productive. As a matter of fact, it renders most people inefficient and exhausted. 
My marriage, my faith, family, our businesses, and our nutrition clients will all receive me wholeheartedly this year. 

How about you? What is your personal hashtag for 2013? 
Give it some thought – use a thesaurus if you need to – and find your word. That word that gives you chills and immediately makes you shout, “YES!”, then hit me up below with it. I want to hear all about it!

“You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having.” – Frank Lloyd Wright 

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