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Deadlift PR

Pulled 245 for 4 reps tonight.  Click HERE for the juicy details and video.…

Interviews training

“In the Trenches” with Mike Robertson

I was honored, excited, and oh-so-flattered when I was asked for an interview by the one and only Mike Robertson for his “In the Trenches” podcasts. Mike is a very well respected strength and conditioning coach, co-owner of I-Fast…

fat loss training

The Dreaded (fat loss) Plateau

The Dreaded (fat-loss) Plateau When it comes to consistent training with the specific goal of fat loss, we all hit it – the dreaded plateau.This is where your progress either slows significantly or comes to a screeching halt, even…

Dear diary training

On the air.

Today I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jim Laird of Maximus Wellness on Blog Talk Radio. Topics included, but not limited to: – My flunking out of high school P.E. (over and over and over again.) –…

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